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Custom Builds

AR 15 Services

Install Free Float Handguard- $50

Trigger Group Install and Fit- $50

Optic Mount and Sight- $50

Sight-in Iron Sight-$50

Install Magpull ASAP- $50

Build Complete Upper- $80 (not including parts)

Build Complete Lower- $80 (not including parts)

Build Complete Rifle- $150 (not including parts)


Shotgun Services

Install Compact Sights-$120

Install Bead Sight- $50 per bead

Polish Trigger Internals- $95

Replace Furniture- $95


Handgun Services

Trigger Job- $160

Sight In- $50 (ammo not included)

Barrel Fit on Semi-Auto- $120

Barrel Replace Revolver- $210


1911 Specific Services

Trigger Job- $150

Bobtail Main Spring- $195

Install Ambi Safety- $50

Replace Ejector- $50

Fit Beavertail Safety- $120

Fit Hammer- $50

Fit Trigger- $60

Throat + Polish Feed Ramp- $95


S&W J Frame Carry Package

Full Cleaning

Trigger Job

Install Apex Kit #103106 to reduce pull to 9 lbs. 

Must be a modern centerfire J-frame with frame mounted firing pin



S&W K, L, N Frame Trigger Job

Full Cleaning

Trigger Job

Install Wilson Kit #178

Labor $150+Parts


1911 Trigger Upgrade Package

Full Cleaning

Trigger Job 4-5 lbs

Fit and Install New Trigger With Over-Travel Stop

Fit and Install Cylinder & Slide Hammer, Sear and Disconnector

Labor $210+Parts

Gunsmithing Hourly

$95 Per Hour with a $50 Minimum 

Additional Fees

$2.95 Shop Fee (Lubricant, Cleaner, ect.)

$15 Administrative Fee for Parts Orders

If a firearm is dropped off for malfunction diagnosis, a magazine and ammunition must be provided. If no ammunition is provided, a box will be added to the bill.


Standard Services

Handgun Sight Install- $50 (included in cost if purchased from Six Zero One Tactical) *1911 sight fitting subject to labor needed.

Standard Muzzle device install remove/replace- $50

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