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I retired from the United States Air Force after 21 years in 2005.  My experience in the military provided continuous firearm and tactical education as well as two decades of experience in incident and security management, crisis management, and counter terrorism.  I had the great honor of serving as a member of the Aircraft Incident Search and Recovery, as well as a member of Honor Guard.  Being able to provide closure to families and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country is among my greatest sources of pride.  Following my military career I worked for the Kootenai County Sheriff's department incident response team in which I coordinated the response and management of major emergencies. 
I also have over a decade of experience training with the best in the tactical world such as Ed Santos, Paul Howe, Chris Costa, and John Shrek McPhee.  I hold several certifications in handgun and long rifle tactics as well as, low light conflict resolution, close combat, de-escalation, close quarter elements, self-defense, and safety.  I am a member of TMACS Founder, Pat McNamara Keeping the Blaze Alive coaching squad. I look forward to sharing my knowledge as well as hosting guest trainers.
I was inspired at the age of 55 to share my love of firearms and tactical training with those who share the same passion when I ran across my Grandfather's World War II draft card.  He was drafted at the age of 42 and did not hesitate for a moment to serve his country and face the challenge head-on.  His draft card number 601 inspired the name for my company and I hope it inspires those who encounter the story to reflect the fact that there is no age at which we stop training and learning for life's adventures. 
I am excited to share my experience and provide custom gunsmithing, firearm repair, parts, tactical training, and more.

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